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Mostly referring to people who skip through content just so they can get firsts. I have no problem with raiding guilds, I'm just saying Bioware more then likely doesn't want to see people racing through content just to get these achievements and then having lots of people complaining because it's become boring before they can shove out new content. I like what their doing because it's a slower pace than WoW ever was and I like that you can't go from lvl 10 to 50 purely from LFG which is another thing I hope they don't know. Well, not yet at least.
What business of yours is it if somebody skips through quests. You cant dictate how people play and neither can Bioware. I'm not ashamed to say that I skip through a few quests here and there but how does that affect how you play? And a LFG tool would be useful because its a tool. You dont have to use it but its there.
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