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In short, no they should not. Volactic slash synegizes with other key deception abilities. You actually wont see deception come into its own until you gear up a tad, i didnt see a huge return until i got more than halfway in war hero gear, however now that I'm rocking WH in most slots i can tell you that at least 31 points in deception (i have something like 0/33/13) its actually quite worth it. Remember that deception's key points is burst damage against a single target. Vol slash buffs shock in both reduction of cast cost, and damage. Coupled with a 2-3 charge discharge, overcharge saber, and reck, you will find that it is quite a decent attack. Against the average player VS hits for 900-1000 each, and should be used x 2 to get your buff. I tend to stealth>spike>vol slashx2, and putz around with saber strike once or twice until i get a maul proc. Low slash>maul>reck/overcharge>discharge>shock>assassinate and they're generally toast.

The mark of a good player is one who adjusts their strategy depending on the class/person they are fighting. Deception makes a good subspec for 17 poitns to get 30% reduced aoe (make smash lolable), force regen, larger maul hits, and buffed blackout.

Plain and simple: dont worry too much about the damage of an ability, they are all fairly well balanced around your gear. Worry more about what that ability does with the rest of your spec and how you intend to use it.

Quote: Originally Posted by TrakonBazzaak View Post
Im currently leveling a deception assassin as my alt, Dps Guardian being my main.

Im lvl 45, looking up at voltaic slash, and its calling to me.

My current spec is 0/25/11

All the guides ive read seem to say the same thing.

Voltaic slash sucks, its a waste of a point and the best specs are all hybrids. With a good amount of players also using full tank, or full madness...

So my question to the rest of you deception assassins out there is..

Do you think Voltaic slash should be buffed to increase the viability of full deception, or are you happy with the current menu of specs people are using?