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11.20.2012 , 04:08 AM | #2
(If I were you I'd remove the points from Clamouring; you need at least 1 point in TKEffusion)

However, the four piece for PvP Force Mystic is rubbish, even for a full Seer post 1.2. I would much rather have the 2 PvP (lower lockout on bubble) and 2 PvE (lower cd on healing trance).
This is a great combination, imho. I'm doing the same, except instead of going for lower HealingT CD I'm aiming for the 5% alacrity proc, but I'm definitely keeping the 2-piece pvp bonus that reduces bubble lockout.

Not sure what I'll do about my expertise just yet: it might drop low, but that may be acceptable once all the set bonuses kick in; I'll have to see.
At the moment I have lost 100 exp and gained 64 wp and 30 end
It's pretty important to this spec to have 1.2k expertise, I think. However, we could drop as low as 1k with the increased End and WP offered by campaign armourings - I think it would work out ok. I wouldn't want to drop below 1k.

And of course, it's a lot of BH comms grinding.
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