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This is the thread for Messores Republicae's recruitment. I will be updating this weekly.

Guild leadership:
GM: Drakuun

You can contact our leadership via whisper when we're on or by in game mail.

We are a PvE guild that is focused only on progression, challenge, and world ranking. We raid with 16 people at a time but do not have a team system; we are one guild, one team.

Current 16 man Achievements:
World 7th Kill of Toth and Zorn NiM EC (Server 3rd, Server 1st Republic)
World 6th Kill of Kephess NiM EC (Server 3rd, Server 2nd Republic)

Classes Open for Recruitment

Updated 3/30/2013
Shadow Tank - High Need
Guardian Tank - CLOSED
Vanguard Tank - CLOSED

Commando DPS - High Need
Sage DPS - High Need
Gunslinger DPS - High Need
Sentinel DPS - Medium
Vanguard DPS - Medium
Guardian DPS - Medium
Shadow DPS - Low Need
Scoundrel DPS - CLOSED

Sage Healer - Medium
Scoundrel Healer - Medium
Commando Healer - Medium

We are currently only accepting players in full 61 or better.

Our Loot System:
We are a Nezra's Crafting Cartel recognized guild. We pride ourselves on putting crafting as a high priority in gearing ourselves and providing services to the community. Because of this we give one piece of gear to our crafter for reverse engineering and the other drop for roll.
In order to be able to roll on a piece of gear you must benefit(BiS) from two or three of the three modifications the piece of gear offers.
Our gearing system works primarily by requisition ordering modifications on our member forum. With this method we would be able to fully gear 16 people in 63 in 6 weeks, counting in mats nights an drops (pre-NiM EC)

Raid Times:
During progression we do not have specific raid times. As soon as 16 people log on we go, 8 am, 1pm, 11pm, we go. We set times once farming starts dependent on what works best for the current raiders. We raid on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Friday and Saturday are highest teir operation nights. Monday and Wednesday are mat farming nights. You will need to be able to make Friday and Saturday at the least. Times are from 8pm EST to 12pm EST(all raid nights).

I promise all of my guild members that I SHALL NOT allow one person to waste the other 15 people's time. I will call you out if you make mistakes, and I will push you to be a better raider, but I will NEVER degrade you as a human being. I expect you to be on time and to be able to think critically as well as execute what you need to do consistently. In a 16 man raid we do not have time for people to misclick skills and cause wipes. You will be benched. You will be rotated out. Get over it. Do not ever take criticism personally, we are only doing it to make you better so that we can become better as a team. Our goal is to be the server first and part of the top 10 PvE progression guilds in the world. If you think you can handle this and have the skill needed to be a part of an elite (not elitist) team, apply today:
. : Messores Republicae : .
Reapers of the Republic