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11.20.2012 , 03:16 AM | #972

Before my actual post, lemme restate my 3 main points again:

1. We need an improved matchmaking system (that matches on some criteria, be it gear level, valor rank, etc...)
2. We need cross-server queues for a health population.
3. People need to help themselves more.


Actual post: I have read, for the last 2 pages since my last post, a loop over and over again about "I fight against premades 80% of the time and it's killing blah..."

So again, can anyone give me a valid reason why the answer to losing to something, is -not- to do it in return?

1. If you see a Sin mezz cap something, do you ask for mezz's to be removed from the game, or do you copy it and mezz cap on your Sin?

2. If you see a team slowing yours down while one or two runners open bridges/cap doors, do you cry that slows are unfair ( and that team was cheap!) or do you try and slow the enemy down on your assault turn?

3. If you see the enemy constantly pull a 2/1/5 on civil war and win by take sides while distracting mid, do you tell them they should leave "your" starting turret (the one left from spawn) alone, or do you try the strategy next match?

4. If you see a guardian leap to a stealther at the end zone over and over for a score, do you decide that's cheap or do you do the same on your guardian?

5. etc...

I think any logical person would agree that if you see a strategy that works, you'd be foolish not to copy/use it, and if you can, improve upon it. So why is it that the strategy of forming part of your team and learning how to fight along side them, is one that the PuG-centric mass is unwilling to make?

I look back at almost all my tricks and tactics and remember when I lost to them before. I remember a time too when I thought thinks were 'cheap' and refused to use them. It made me a 'Scrub' in the very sense of the word. Consumables, stealth, "pocket-healer," mezzing, taking sides, etc... All of these things I've been victim too, and learned from. It's taken me from a so-so player to a sought after dps or healer.

It's time to learn people, it's time to grow. If premades make you lose, then my question is... why don't you take advantage of that tool?

((The only compliant about premades I find valid, is the mention of voice chat, which is essential an out of game advantage not widely available to all. Instead of focussing on nerfing teamwork, why not either ask Bioware to take a stance on third party voice chat, or include the feature in-game?))