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This really got derailed. Well my main is a Tank in full campaign/ black hole so not too much of a reason to keep queuing up for HM flashpoints.. I also play a healer. I know as a tank its pretty much instant queue anytime i queue. Healer is usually anywhere form 5-30 minutes. Dps it seems could be waiting a few minutes to hours. Id just like to have a ballpark estimate on how long I have to wait when I queue on my dps so I know If I need to babysit the game or not. I'd like to be able to get some things done around the house sometimes when I wait. I agree random should stay random. I would also like the group to have the ability to maybe skip conversations entirely. I doubt that would ever become a reality though due to the games big selling point is it's story
I think something as simple as a clear sound notification would be useful for the approach you'd like to take. It could be toggled on or off, and when on, it would make a moderately loud sound of your choosing upon queue pop. Thus you could do whatever you need to do around the house without having to check on the game every two minutes. You could even write a program to do this task yourself, which would activate an alarm upon the computer's recognition of the change in game of the queue menu appearing. Not sure what that tool would be (pixel identification or something?), but it probably wouldn't be that hard to develop.