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Quote: Originally Posted by Antiskeptic View Post
Lol, and you are?
i am the only person who would even consider giving you 500k in the game.

Quote: Originally Posted by Scorpiooooo View Post
First of all - Thanks for the feedback!

In terms of Prizes, I would LOVE to offer a prize, but the fact is this is the first time this has been done and it would be out of my pocket. I'm already going to be investing in making sure the stream and games are of an exceptional quality, and we all have a great time.

If we do that, I can go out and get sponsors and prizes for every RAW Championship that follows, using our initial success as the ticket. As far as I know this is the first time SWTOR will be broadcasting a competitive Warzone league. Let's start here, have a great time and use it to get the comp off the ground!!
ill donate 1mil for the competition. not sure exactly how you want to disperse it.