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11.20.2012 , 01:24 AM | #964
Mixed teams, pubs+imps, are not going to happen and to be frank I hope it will never happen (except maybe for huttball). Yes it would make match-making easier but IMHO it will ruin the entire game/lore foundation of the game. This is not WoT and it does have RPG in it's genre name . Pre-mades shouldn't get their separate queue and they should get PuG reinforcements, but they shouldn't ever face an all PuG team . Worse case scenario, there is only one pre-made team queued per server, that team will never get in a match. Time to break and join the PuGing. 2 pre-mades queued ? Happy times, back to back WZs. 3? One get's benched until the other 2 finish a match and then gets pitted against the losing team. 4? Happy times again. 5? Rinse and repeat. And round and round the circle goes.
If you are the in the only pre-made queued on a fairly populate server, chances are that you are queuing at an odd hour, and you are looking for a ROFL stomping experience. Sorry but no cake for you . I know one guild that used to do that exact thing before the server merges.

Match making should also take in consideration player specialization (player should check spec at queue up) and ... valor , I know it's meh but at least shows that the player has experience if not skill (my case ). Too many PuG matches when one team, in a same faction match, get's all the healers.

Disclaimer: All above is opinion and founded on my experience. It is not the absolute truth or the gospel of god so take it with a grain of salt and feel free to point out the wrongs and maybe add some good ideas.
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