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11.20.2012 , 01:20 AM | #63
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Losing most of your alacrity does not gimp you as much as you might think.
And why to gimp myself at all? Alacrity gives me so many benefits: every five casts I get a whole free second of movement, every ten casts give me free GCD for Adrenal or anything else, my Healing Trance channels faster, I can spam Benevolences like machine gun, and so on. If I ever need big slow heal I can get 15k in 6 seconds with Force Potency buff. So what the point in extra 4% of Surge rating?

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My only advice is that you try it out yourself before writing it off completely.
As I have said a few posts earlier, I have tried 0% alacrity setup. It didn't work for me.