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11.20.2012 , 01:17 AM | #1100
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well, we do have 200ms ping science launch connected to US server,
we still play,
but at APAC we got 593ms ping.
yup, and why I re-rolled on a west coast server back at 1.2. When they kept saying server transfers were comming I knew that was the time to re-roll. My ping to APAC was always above 400ms that is terrible living in asia and with a fiberoptic cable to the house. On west coast I come in below 100ms even I check east coast and I could get below 150ms.

The population on the APAC servers left for many reasons but one of them is half of asia has terrible lag on APAC servers and not on US servers. None of us want to play out of our timezones, we are forced to if we want a playable game. Playing on a US server in the morning most times lives us with kids to play with, thankfully for us some others from APAC have rolled there too.