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I would like to add a few questions/things that came to me.

We need to make sure the draw of lots for matches is random. You might have already though about this but there was no info on how you will decide who plays who(brackets etc).

I will try and convince the core raiding team in Midian to come as well, but we have no pvp gear(relics apart lol) and will get facerolled so luck is important in draw(as I expect not all teams to be full PVP teams). hopefull others will follow in PVE gear and we can all have some fun.

There needs to be cascading prizes, and I think they need to be mentioned asap to get more people in and need to be adhered to. I know you had a successful event but then due to wahtever reason, the prize was revoked at the end. even if its for fun, a prize will keep people motivated beyond the fun and get some proper competition going. I know my team has no chance of winning, but still
First of all - Thanks for the feedback!

The bracket and draw will depend on how many guilds want to play. Whatever we do it'll be a fair, random draw! No preferences to anyone. At the moment I have been est 8-10 groups and a straight elimination system. But again, it will all depend on attendance.

In terms of Prizes, I would LOVE to offer a prize, but the fact is this is the first time this has been done and it would be out of my pocket. I'm already going to be investing in making sure the stream and games are of an exceptional quality, and we all have a great time.

If we do that, I can go out and get sponsors and prizes for every RAW Championship that follows, using our initial success as the ticket. As far as I know this is the first time SWTOR will be broadcasting a competitive Warzone league. Let's start here, have a great time and use it to get the comp off the ground!

Midian won't get rolled, you guys are awesome at PvP!

Again thanks for the feedback, it's all extremely appreciated!
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