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It's a tough situation to be in... But to be honest 14 characters is a LOT of toons. How can anyone really need that many alts? I get your boy(s) play on your account, but still! Since EA will likely not be of any help, I think you just need to weed out some of your duplicate toons and set some limits on your kidos as to how many characters they can make. I have 3 kids myself and my two oldest (12 and 8) have such sloppy habits when it comes to junking things up. Gotta lay down the law man
A close friend let his young sons (11 & 13 yo) roll toons to get their feet wet and see if they were interested in playing with dad sometime. One took to the the game and the other stuck with his Xbox. So he bought a sub for the son who wanted to play, and uses it as a teaching tool for "discretionary fund management." This also allowed he and his son to play together.
Expansion story should never have been made exclusive to solo play. Unbolstered Flashpoints, HMs and Ops should never have been removed. Loot tables should never have been removed. Level sync should have been instanced and made optional. Companion combat customization should never have been removed. #RemoveRNG