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11.20.2012 , 12:53 AM | #963
In the last 2 days I have recorded fighting against 5 guilds on my server that can field a full RWZ team but chose to enter the solo que instead and completely decimated the PUG side. If I wasnt running into the same 4-8 man premade teams on a constant baises then I wouldn't have as big of a complaint. It seems like almost every match I play is a rotation of stunfest or smash rotation from a bunch of people in the same guild.

enter match one: 8 man guild
enter match 2: 8 man guild, different from the first
enter match 3: 4 man premade
enter match 4: the first guild again
enter match 5: a new 8 man guild, different from the first 2
enter match 6: 4 man premade.
enter match 7: na I have taken enough pug stomping for the day just like the other people I played with so congrats on killing the que a little bit.

That was my night tonight I had 3 guilds pugstomping, that's just from the pubs side I have no idea how many guild are doing it from the Empire side as I didn't play any Empire groups. Then last night I had 2 other guilds doing the same thing, I was alternateing between them it seemed like til I quit. So I know it's not that the RWZ don't work, it's people would rather /easymode for comms, and turn around an say PUGers are trying to get the same thing so shame on them.