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11.20.2012 , 12:52 AM | #4
Just replied to a ticket, ironically not responed to by the HK-51 thing, with this...

"By this Ticket #, I have no clue why this response was sent and this ticket had nothing in my opinion to do with Billing, Subscription, or Account Security.. Please, ACTUALLY READ ALL MY TICKETS SINCE 11/15/12, THEN AND ONLY THEN RESPOND. I don't mean to be rude, I know you are swamped, but I would much rather wait an extra day or two to get my problem resolved correctly than to get a canned cut and paste response that doesn't address my issue and have to open a NEW ticket and HOPE it actually gets read.

NONE of my tickets have been in regards to issues with HK-61's gear, yet two of my tickets got that canned response and then were closed. Again, not meaning to be rude, but please actually take the time to read people's tickets before you cut and paste that response. It gives the impression that you don't give a damn. I know exactly what you are going to say in reply to this as I hear it from every single customer service represenative from Apple to Dell to HP to any other company you can think of. Every company it seems either doesn't read or skims then gives what they THINK was said, and then when I say NO that is NOT what I asked, they apologize and assure me they do care, so I ask you to not say it but show it. Take the extra time to actually read a ticket before you respond. I'm sure it will cut down on the number of re-tickets in your queue. Maybe I am wrong, maybe it won't... Maybe as someone who has never worked in the customer service field for long periods of time I don't know how it works, but I just cant wrap my head around how giving WRONG responses that require the customer to submit ANOTHER ticket is more efficient than answering the question right the first time."
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