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11.20.2012 , 12:41 AM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by Ycoga View Post
The premise is that if BW adds WP damage to melee AND people don't change their rotations, then you'll see a damage increase.

If people do change their rotations as a result of added melee damage then you agree that there would be a reason to do so due to increased damage which would, of course, be relfected in BW's damage analysis.

If you can't see a reason for them to change their rotations AFTER WP is added to melee, then you should ask yourself why you're for the idea of adding WP to melee for sages.
Yooga, its a game, an mmorpg. Our suggestion absolutely don't hurts the balance what was set up for classes, but serves a lot the "game play" and the "rpg" part (one of the main reasons way we are playing an mmorpg , ))
And I think you are the person here who "should ask yourself" in what way it would hurt your game play experience? Please explain this.
From the other hand, its simply fair to ad it, till all classes use there main attribute for both of there damage table.