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11.20.2012 , 12:23 AM | #57
Here's what I've noticed:

Tier 1:
SM EV/KP - were both faceroll so no noticable difference
HM EV/KP - the 8 man fabricator fight was slightly tougher
NiM EV/KP - 16 KP was harder on every fight except Fabriator, so 4/5. 16 Ancient Puzzle and Infernal Council were slightly harder, but not by that much. 16 Soa was decently harder but only because of lightning balls everywhere.

Tier 2:
SM EC - 16 man was tougher but post-nerf both are faceroll
SM TfB - 16 man
HM EC - similar but Z&T and F&S were slightly tougher on 16 man
HM TfB - haven't managed to clear 16 man TfB (due to lack of guild interest) but HM Writhing Horror was DEFINTELY easier on 16 man whereas 16 man Dread Guard was harder

Simply put, while I haven't done 16 man NiM EC (only 1/4 8 man atm) if what people are saying is true, then something is very very wrong here. While some fights have been obviously harder on 16 man - Soa, Zorn&Torn, Firebrand and Storm Caller, Dread Guard the fact remained that 8 man was comparable.

The two versions being leagues apart is not a good change, it is a very bad change. Even if 16 man was tougher previously, it was by a small enough amount that it didn't matter too much. Guilds that facerolled 8 man HM EC generally facerolled 16 man EC even if it took them a bit longer to farm it. This doesn't sound like that. This sounds like BW UNDERTUNED 8 MAN NiM EC.
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