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11.20.2012 , 12:03 AM | #7

So after 3days i got a ingame responds from BW according to my problem

1 part sayed :: we are aware of the gear item problem when getting hk-51 on a alt or your main
check the forums and patchnote for updates.

2 part sayed :: at this time we cant help with problems accourding to the qline to get hk-51
we only serve solutions to story based problems.

3 part sayed :: solutions /problems accourding the to game mechanics or geting hk-51 can be posten on our web that
is monitord by use and if possible answerd.

so in other words no help from BW.

so took it on my self deleted 3 char to open slot12 to make a rep char so i can get the hk-part.
now i have him i can truely say its not worth it.

regret deleting my char's for this companion expected much more.