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11.19.2012 , 11:41 PM | #4

the exp boost come's in dif form's some only for wz , Fpoints , exploring ed.
next to minor or higher exp boost stims there are who give exp. more then 1 gamepart.
with a dif timer on them.

what i noticed me self the WZ and the FPoint are useless , dont mistake me there for not getting exp
they do (the major stim is very nice) but the trouble is the timer is 1 hour or 3hours,
seeing the very long quetimes for wz only getting exp at the END of the game ,you dont fully exploy the exp boost
lets say a game take's 20 min ( a 1hour boost) and waiting time with some high luck you get 2-3 game for you exp boost.

for Fpoints its a bit beter seeing all killes get you exp but we have the same problem the very very long que timer.
i get with very luck 1 full run and 1 half run before the 1hour timer on the exp boost runs out.mostly only 1 run.

what i also noticed that the timer keeps running even when loged out.
did a FP with a1hour exp boost loged off with 15 min on the timer when i loged on after eating the timer was gone.

the only good exp booster is the major item that gives a boost for all the exp you get when you are questing.

when looking at the cost for the exp boosts its in overall not worth it for Wz and Fp.