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11.19.2012 , 11:39 PM | #42
i am a hybrid keybinder/clicker. I do a little of both. I also disagree with the whole "clicking makes you bad" thing. I also disagree with the examples given in OP on good tanking skills. There are a few instances I can think of that are much more challenging tank pulls that test tank skills. One good example is the first mob encounter in the heroic Chasing the Shadow (republic/corellia/black hole) assuming no one can CC, a good tank can control that situation very well. Another very good example of tank testing skills is the first mob in Maelstrom Prison. Again, assuming no one can cc, that is another excellent test of tank skills here, where the mobs are spread out and you get a bonus 3 regulars that pop out the door to the right. Ive seen well geared players wipe/die to this first pull, due to the way its setup.