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Nerken appeared behind Zero laughing as he put a knife to her neck. Now now you know better than to go for a dummy. Finest Imperial intel has to offer. Mark V decoy drones. Heat sigs and everything. Hey Markos quit toying around Howl wants this station to Tython in the next few hours. He said a sadistic smile on his face.

Markos smiled blocking Mals attack with one saber then letting loose a deafening force scream. Figures I can't have any fun. Oh well guess I'll need to make this quick then. He then rushed Mal chaining together strikes at lightning speed. You see Jedi. I just wanted to have fun it's been years since I've been able to fight. Figured you would atleast be able to do something except charge mindlessly at me!
Zero stood still, knowing she would get a chance to break out soon enough

Mean looked at the sniper with a look of intence hatred "Let her go. Now. Or else I will take that knife and shove it up your as*, and that will only be the start of what I do to you."