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I've been looking at the lvl 10 advance class specs. and cant figure out which class is bet for dps. It occurs to me that the sorcerer is a ranged dps with some melee attacks while the assassin is a melee dps with a few ranged attacks. I am trying to find out which class does the most damage with it's strongest attacks. I couldn't find a reliable source for this information. Can you guys help?

Sorc is not a ranged with some melee attack.

Its a ranged with a stat-stick that we call a lightsaber, and if I want to have a laugh, I'll hit someone with it with the basic melee attack I got at level 1 that is thrash. But even if something is on me, I'm better off using a force attack even blank-point.

Assassin keeps the versatility between melee and force, with a tree very force oriented (Madness, the common tree) and one more melee oriented (the more stealth based tree, deception). Tank-sin mostly use force as well, using thrash only to proc energized shock (and get it off cd while they are at it).

It will tough mostly play inside 10m, and even tough madness extend your efficiency to 30m (which I expect will be patched like they did to pyro PT someday) you are still better off inside 10m, and even at melee range (<4m)

Sorc has the deepest ressource pool in the game, but with the smallest % of regen on it compared to total ressource. Mechanics are mostly to save force, lightning specs has it easy, hybrid lightning/madness as well (its what I use its great fun) but madness is an highway to 0 force if you do not sacrify some health to keep your force up. Luckily its covered by the tree self heal, but if under pressure its rather hard to do.

Now something you must understand, sorc have great AoE, no questions asked, but their single-target dps is slightly lower. Its not game breaking, but its going to be lower. You'll be loved in AoE phase, but I,ve noticed with similar gear around a 100 dps delta between my marauder and my sorc.

Also, sorc is your typical glass cannon. End game PvP can be a pain, since a geared marauder that comes at you has a very good chance at melting your face unless you got your stuns up, and his cd down (or he fails at his class) Hybrid jug, with their ******** of damage reduction are nearly impossible to fend off, and your overall softness does not help you in a 1vs1 dps race.

Assassin, however will stand in melee range in raid, and some fight where you will have to break contact to avoid being killed depending on how geared your healers are, and how geared the rest of the party is (or who is in it).

Lately, patches upgrade its survivability rather well tough.

I can tell you I've got both, and I like both. Leveled my sorc as heal till 47ish, respecced dps and loved it. Heals are more tricky due to lack of "emergency healing" per say, but the AoE is once again awesome, with good big heals.

Sin tank, are awesome at holding threat, and have very good survivability through self-heals, but it makes them a bit more spikey to heal in a way, since they also have the less armor rating of all the tanks (around 40% DR, jug at 50ish, and PT 53-54ish if I'm not mistaken) and should something hit with tons of small hits, their shield boost gets eaten rather fast.

That said, my main's a sin tank and I love playing it.

Hope that information helped, trying to show you both pros and cons of each.