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Deep in the Forgotten Recesses of Nar Shaddaa

"Hmm. . . If I put the Magnesium Sulfate with the. . . No, no, no, would cause liver failure with Twi'leks. Perhaps Lithium Dioxide? Would counter the boils with Zabrak. . ." A wiry, muscled Mirialan removed his gloves with a sigh, placing down a test-tube into it's holder. He slipped the goggles from his face, and turned to face the door, where a human male had just walked into the tiny laboratory. "Ah, Cadmus, good. Tell, did the mixture fuse correctly? Was certain that too much Xenon was added, but-"

"Sir, they're onto us."

Arthen blinked at having his thoughts interrupted. "Who? Hutts? Sith? JEDI?!" The last word slipped out with a hint of fear.

"Perhaps my statement was a bit alarmist, sir. They don't know exactly who we are, but SIS and Imperial Intel have dedicated agents to finding out who's willing to pay the money for the Holocron," Cadmus soothed.

"Ah, whew. Thought for a moment. . . Nevermind, who's onto us?"

"Unknown, sir."

"Then find out. Now, need that mixture-" Arthen turned back to the table.

"But sir, you spend all your time in here, experimenting with chemicals-" Cadmus began.

"-so that the experiment continues-"

"-when if you would just take command-" Cadmus' face began to grow red with anger.


"WE'D HAVE THE DAMN HOLOCRON BY NOW!" Cadmus shouted. The force of the shout rattled the small room, causing the test-tube from earlier to sake from it's holder, crashing to the ground. Cadmus blanched white. "S-sir, pleas-se, sir, I d-d-didn'-t-t-"

Arthen turned, glancing at the broken contents of the tube. "Spent last 7 days brewing that. Rare concoction, one slip, ruins formula." He gave a sniff of disdain. "Will have to start anew. Irritating. Mr. Cadmus?"

"Y-yes sir?"

"Dispose of mess. When done, sample tonic on burner to the left. Simple throat medicine for cough you mentioned fortnight ago," Arthen dismissed, turning to the left wall to hang the white lab coat. Cadmus swept up the broken vial and it's contents in record time. He then moved quickly, grabbing the vial and making his way out of the door before Arthen could change his mind.

Five minutes later, Arthen gave one last look towards his makeshift lab, and looked confused. "Was Kinrath venom on left side? Or right? Ah well. Will see if Cadmus shows up tomorrow." Arthen whistled a non-chalent tune as he made his way towards his chambers.