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Hey guys I am brand new to the dark side and I have a dilemma. I started to make a juggernaut to tank, but since I already have a 50 Guardian, I'm a little sick of tanking. Anyway, I thought that an easy fix would be to play a Vengeance Jugg. I want to be able to play PvP, but also have the option to do well in PvE (FPs, Ops, etc.). I wasn't sure if I would be a waste to play a DPS Jugg because I want to be an asset to my team. Also, I don't know too much about marauders (other than the fact I got killed all the time by them on the republic side ). Any advice?
marauder are better dps than juggs but juggs aren't terrible either just play what you enjoy more like jugg dps is more of my playstyle that's why i retired my marauder dps for my jugg. pretty much if you want to do 1saber dps go jugg 2 saber go mara
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