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11.19.2012 , 10:34 PM | #962
The unfair nature of PuG versus pre-made will easily drive players away from PvP. I got so frustrated with repeated stompings that I haven't PvPed in a week or so. I fired up my beloved bounty hunter and acquired HK-51, but after that I just couldn't bring myself to enter the queue. I've got an unfinished weekly and daily that I just can't be stuffed to finish. It's easy enough to lose your way through a daily (though frustrating beyond measure). But the weekly hasn't been doable.

Somehow, I kept running into Republic pre-mades on the Begeren Colony server and after attaining one victory in three days, I had enough and quit queueing.

Fair enough, it's the height of stupidity to try and PvP with an Arsenal merc. Throw a merc on a PuG team against a pre-made, though, and the chance for victory starts rolling in the negative percentages.
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