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Concentration will give you more force regen if you are able to get in a disturbance every ten seconds. However, that will not necessarily be possible and the real issue with that spec is the missed point in Will of the Jedi. If you consider a base value of 2000 willpower (not too hard to get), you will get 60 willpower from that second point in the talent, a significant stat boost.

Also, no points in preservation is not good in my opinion, but that may be a playstyle thing. Rapid delivery of force armor has its utility in some fights, such as the spike phase on Toth and Zorn and the lightning field phase on hard mode Dread Guards. Thus I would take one point out of pain bearer for this purpose, combined with the additional point out of concentration.

I play a sorc, but the equivalent build would be:
This. I see the benefit of Concentration, but I don't ever have too much trouble with force regen and Preservation is a must for me as Force Armor is vital for single-target healing. It's just too useful of a healing ability not to spec in to.