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For T&Z:

If your DPS is high enough, the tank moving from Toth to Zorn may still have a few seconds of fearful. You need to check for this, and if you have it, do not hit Zorn. You can (and should) still taunt though until it falls off. Your DPS on Zorn should also use their threat dumps at this point.

One thing I see in PuGs frequently is the ranged DPS and healer running around non-stop for red circles. This is not necessary....just wait till a circle comes, and move to the left or right. Once the spike pops up, you can move back into the middle of it and always drop your circles in a predictable spot.

Healers need to prioritize healing on the tanks during red circles, as there will frequently be a jump immediately after this, and the tanks must survive. The DPS/heals can be healed up after the swap occurs and the tanks are stabilized.

Avoid getting T&Z more than about 5% apart, or the mechanics get weird. A DPS may need to switch between them to keep them even. Mox can also help you balance your DPS.

For FB&SC:

I believe SC is untauntable during the DD cast, so save a taunt to use immediately after DD finishes. Guard both DPS on SC (for threat reduction) and ask them to use their threat dumps at each DD. The trickiest part will be what to do if the SC tank is still dropping off DD when incinerate armor is cast. In this case, our FB tank just waits a few seconds before swapping, but you may have to see what works for your group.

Also SC DPS need to be very careful about not getting to close to the front of the tank. His damage comes out in a cone from the center pivot point, NOT from the end of the turrets.

The shields/adds will first show up on the minimap a few seconds before they land, so everyone should check that when they hear defensive systems being activated to know which way to run. And, personal choice, but I don't wait for the knockback to start moving toward the shields.

With tank swaps, healing on FB is pretty trivial, as long as the DPS stay out of his frontal AoE, so that healer should be on the ground attracting lighting spheres and yellow circles. This seems obvious, but I've seen at least one group try to put both healers on the ground.

In both fights, communication is key. We generally have only the tanks speaking in voice chat, calling out percentages (on T&Z, 91%, 81%, 71%, etc...) and mechanics (DD, incinerate, defensive, etc).