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"There is no death; there is only the Force—and I am its master."

The Sith Emperor, this is the long tale of one of the most frighteningly powerful Sith the Force has ever produced.

Even as a child he had the cold iron will of a full-fledged Sith Lord, the intelligence only an insane mind can comprehend and the 'patience of stone', in his rise he enslaved an entire planet, called Medriaas, where he ruled for a century, for he had captured the attention of the great Dark Lord of the Golden age of the Sith himself, Marka Ragnos as a teenager, when he had the birth name Tenebrae, the Dark Lord favoured the young boy and was almost amazed at the boy's proficiency in the force especially for such a young boy and crowned him a Lord of the Sith, named Vitiate.

Vitiate would rule the planet he had come from for a hundred years under his iron rule, but this time was not spent idly punishing his subjects as more luxurious and less passionate Sith Lords did, he instead delved deeply into Sith teachings and eventually developed a plan to make himself the most powerful being the galaxy had seen, an immortal ever-powerful master of the Dark Side. This plan would come to fruition during the Great Hyperspace War, after Ragnos had died and his absence spawned a series of power grabs, at the head of this were two Sith with almost equal claims, Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow, their arrogance and infighting would lose them a war they had already won and Vitiate planned to take full advantage of the Empire's defeat.

"My life spans millennia. Legions have risen to test me. My ascendance is inevitable. A day, a year, a millennium it matters not. I hold the patience of stone and the will of stars. Your striving is insignificant. Let your death be the same."

Calling upon all remaining Sith who had escaped the genocide of the Sith peoples on Korriban and Ziost, he had gathered over two hundred of them at his homeworld, now named Nathema under the promise of enacting a ritual that would make the Sith far more powerful and he was right, the Sith would take part in this great ritual and along with the planet, the force and even all life on the world, they were absorbed by Vitiate and he became Immortal with the massive power of the Sith he had gorged upon, he then made himself the Emperor of all the Sith and called upon all remaining Sith in the quickly fading Empire to join him in a journey to recapture a long forgotten world, Dromund Kaas.

"When I was born, the Emperor was the Empire. Everything existed to feed his whims. He was so far above us. No one, Sith or slave, would have dared even form an opinion about him."

The journey was no short one, it took two decades to find the planet, at least that was the belief, in truth, the Emperor knew exactly where the forgotten world lay, but instead of directly taking them there, he would instil in the inhabitants of his armada the idea that he was their only hope, that he was the only one who could save them from the major threat of of extermination at the hands of the Republic and their hated brethren the Jedi Order, he would milk this fear and turn into into undivided dedication, loyalty and outright worship.

Once Dromund Kaas was 'found', it was immediately settled, it's nature obliterated, industrialisation was instantaneous and the local wildlife quickly removed, the first buildings would of course, be Kaas City's citadel, his citadel, the great symbol of the new empire emblazoned upon it's structure in red, over the years and the decades, Kaas city would be completed and as the Emperor designed, much more of the planet would be converted and temples built, to signify his great power, the Emperor would use a ritual and literally convert the atmosphere into one great never-ending storm and twist the planet itself with his infinite dark energies.
He also founded the Dark Council a group of twelve Sith Lords who would control and dominate different aspects of the empire.

Centuries would pass and the Empire would do what it was born to do, slowly dominate and conquer the galaxy. Countless systems would fall and be swallowed up by the ever expanding Imperial Navy, it eventually became a routine they would invade a system and immediately demand their allegiance complete with their acceptance of the Sith Emperor and his rule, almost all systems would attempt to fightback, only for the Sith to easily devour their powerbase, the only known people to actually open negotiations with the Empire was the Chiss Ascendancy who became the first official allies of the Sith Empire.

As the centuries passed by, the Empire became quite the power, completely unknown to the Republic, eventually seven hundred years would have gone by and the Emperor would begin to set his infinitely complex plan into motion, he would goad the Mandalorians into a war they could not have won, Mandalore would not be able to pass up the great tales and 'visions' the Sith would have of their crushing the great Republic and the most powerful opponents they could face, the vaunted Jedi Order, this war was merely meant to test the Republic, see how strong it really was, this would culminate in the Jedi Knights Revan and Alek Squinqagersimus going undercover for six months in Kaas City, scoping out the Empire and the Sith, eventually they decided to face the Emperor himself. No battle was fought, no great tales of heroics would be sung, instead the unthinkable happened, the Emperor with his great power would take control of the young Jedi's minds and make them his servants.

Now crowned Darth Revan and Darth Malak, he would loosen them on the galaxy with two objectives, the most immediate and primary of these was to act as a vanguard for the Imperial Navy's eventual incursion and the second was to obtain the Star Forge, a great factory of droids, ships and weaponry that could build an infinite armada, eventually though, the Emperor lost his control over their minds through a combination of an ever growing willpower spawned by the Sith Lord's growing strength in the Dark Side of the Force and the sheer distance they would eventually gain, so he deemed them a lost cause, the last he would see of Revan and his cohorts would be an attack on his throne room, where he would face down his enemies and enslave Revan, deciding that instead of killing the Jedi Master, he would take him and attempt control over his mind instead, enslaving him and using him as his link to the Light Side and the Jedi, using the Jedi's visions to guide him, but unbeknownst to the Emperor, Revan would also plant seeds of doubt in his mind and his previous belief in his immortality would fade away and he would become terrified at the idea of death.

After the confrontation with Revan he created the position of Voice of the Emperor, a person who would literally be hollowed out and filled with the Emperor's dark essence, meaning that any future confrontations would have no real repercussions at all, as long as his true body and spirit remain, he would live on, perhaps for eternity, he also founded the Children of the Emperor, whom were selected for their strength in the force and the sheer willpower required to feel the Emperor's essence without being driven insane, he would also eventually create the Hands of the Emperor, those who would serve and care for his every need.
Although after three centuries, Revan would lose his grip on the Emperor's mind and launch an all-out assault of colossal proportions the galaxy hadn't seen since the Great Hyperspace War, the tactics of the empire and the sheer brilliance of the emperor's plan, which itself seemed flawless, would be successful enough to conquer half of the galaxy, but the further into the Mid-rim the empire advanced, the tougher the Republic resistance got, this eventually coupled with Revan's manipulations, forced his hand and had the Empire offer the Treaty of Coruscant to the Galactic Republic.

"These petty conflicts mean nothing. The concerns of this galaxy are meaningless. Once I ascend, all will be tranquil in this galaxy. It is my promise to you. Now, strike!"

The Emperor decided to move onto bigger things than the war, which was actually one enormous distraction, not just for the Republic and the Jedi but also for the entire Sith Empire, his real plan, was to enact an even greater ritual than he had used at Nathema, that would have him absorb the entire galaxy.

"If you kill everyone in the galaxy, you'll be Emperor of nothing. What's the point of all this?"
"You discern a fraction of reality. Beyond these stars exist other galaxies, other worlds, other beings. I will experience or ignore them as I wish. I will spend eternity becoming everything: a farmer, an artist, a simple man. When the last living thing in the universe finally dies, I will enjoy peace and wait for the cycle to begin again."

The Emperor's grand plan was in place and it would have succeeded but a long series of setbacks would stop him, first was the betrayal of Lord Scourge his seemingly loyal Emperor's Wrath for three centuries, but Scourge knew of the Emperor's vision for the galaxy and it's 'tranquil' state to come, so Scourge abandoned his Lord Emperor and joined the Hero of Tython, someone who he had betrayed his allies Revan and the Exile for, the only being he could envision being strong enough to stop the Emperor.

Then was the betrayal of Dark Council member Darth Baras, who had lured the Emperor into a trap on Voss, where he could not depart his voice, fortunately for the immortal being, his last instructions to his Hands were to recruit Baras' former apprentice and make the great Warrior his new Emperor's Wrath, exactly this happened and the Emperor's Wrath would free his master by killing the Voice he inhabited.

"I see futures in you. Futures I will not allow. Your future ends here."

But then came his first ever true setback, a Jedi Knight would rise to prominence and capture the Emperor's immediate interest for through Revan and the Voss he would foresee his own death at the hands of a great Jedi Knight, he would attempt to kill this Knight early on, by assuming control over the Knight's padawan, Kira Carsen who was actually a run-away Child of his majesty, this would fail as Kira herself would deny the Emperor's great mind with the most powerful Jedi ability ever, the Wall of Light, later on though, through the machinations of Scourge, he would be attacked by the Knight whom the Emperor claimed had great power, but lacked the will to control it, the Jedi would actually kill the Emperor, but not his true body, for he had only struck down the new Voice and the Emperor would find his way back to his true flesh and blood, where he would slumber and regain his strength, but when the Emperor awakens, the galaxy will truly be in danger on a scale not seen in millennia.

The Emperor would not succeed in his plans though as the galaxy would last many thousands of years after the Sith Empire had disappeared into the annals of history, what actually happened to him, nobody yet knows, but one thing is for certain, he is a great lesson for the Jedi, a lesson that the Jedi would fail to learn and be destroyed through failing to comprehend.

"You are mine. Servants. Slaves. Weapons. And you will obey…"

The Emperor was powerful enough to control the minds of Jedi Masters of all kinds of power and defeat handily an entire group of powerful Jedi Masters all at once with his extremely deadly lightning storms, and even Jedi Masters of the calibre of Revan. He would also take on innumerable Sith who would arise to face him, all would fall, it took the most powerful Jedi seen in millennia to eventually defeat him, the Emperor's power lay in his prowess with the force and his thirteen hundred plus year study of the Dark Side, but he was no combatant and was utterly useless with a lightsaber, Vitiate would be the most powerful Sith being in the galaxy the likes of which would not be seen for thousands of years, Darth Plagueis mused that the Sith Emperor got closer than anyone else ever had to true immortality.
Good/very-long read!

However you say that he is utterly useless in combat with a lightsaber. I disagree because this implies that he is bad at using a lightsaber. I think the fact is is that his fighting style doesn't rely on the use of a lightsaber (kinda like the Consular compared to the Knight in Tor).
+ I don't think we really know how good he was with the blade.