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Thanks for the comments all. I was admittedly being provocative when I said that not key binding makes you a bad player. Being a clicker doesn't necessarily make you a bad player, per se, but ceteris paribus, a key binder is better than a clicker.

Sydexlic has eloquently demonstrated why key binding is the superior method of game play. I will add one additional argument.

1: Situational awareness is absolutely crucial for effective PvE gameplay. Raid bosses will have multiple mechanics occurring simultaneously during a fight. A player who is not sufficiently situationally aware will be a liability to the group.

2: Frequent camera rotation and repositioning is required in order to situationally aware.

3: Using the mouse to move the camera is faster and far more effective than using the keyboard..

4: It is not feasible to use the mouse to rotate the camera and click on the quickbar simultaneously.

5: It is feasible to use the mouse to rotate the camera and use the key bound quickbar simultaneously.

6: A player who can actively reposition the camera to maintain situational awareness while simultaneously attending to their role-specific duties will be more effective than a player who is not able to do both.

7: Therefore, ceteris paribus, a key binder is a more effective player than a clicker.

#4 might be false, but I am skeptical.
1 - nothing to do with clicking or not

2 - nothing to do with clicking or not

3 - yes

4 - is not true

5 - not a keybinder only ability

6 - nothing to do with clicking or not

7 - using latin doesnt change the fact that people are not equal or the same ergo your points are moot unless you are clearly stipulating that binders are superior simply by virtue of being a binder, or to put it in more personal terms do you claim to be a better player than I am? To clarify, I would never claim to be a good player because the concept seems asinine. however I have cleared every operation in the game on a vengeance juggernaut with the exception of NM EC and I dont believe anyone has carried me.

As I stated earlier, it seems to me, given the smaller population of clickers, that a much higher percentage of sucky players would be binders.

Was funny, today on mumble someone I have played with for a long asked me if I was a clicker as he could hear me clicking while talking during a boss fight.