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Nerken vaulted over the catwalks railings tossing his now burning coat towards zero. He then flung several flashbang grenades in the air shooting them before cloaking.

Markos leaped all the way to the back of the room throwing what was left of the catwalk down in fron of him acting as a barrier from Hadock and Merena's blaster fire. He lit his sabers and tossed them out in front of them whirling them around with the force laughing.Come now Jedi come face me alone! Show me what you're made of!

Ravna kept debris from hitting Zero with the force shoving the two remaining sith down so that they were easy targets.
Zero was protected from the flashbangs by her helmet, but she lost track of the sniper when he clocked. seeing the sith down, she fired sevral missles at one while mean ran over and killed the other defencless one easaly, turning to face the room

"No more sith to hide behind, little sniper. come out and play, I will make it quick, I won't drag the pain out too long."