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My favorite toon: Blasilver( if it is ok I will also be mentioning the names of some of my other alts)
He is a young but wise jedi sentinal he was born believe it or not on mandalore, but he grew up on dantooine his mother a zabrak nurse died in childbirth and his stepmother a twilek was murdered when he was only two years old his father is a member of the republic military and more specifically a human vanguard named Canderordo, Blasilver younger half brother is a twilek bounty hunter named Jag-daguar, at age 7 Blasilver found by a powerful jedi knight(name and race unknown) to be strong in the force a with his fathers permission was taken to become a jedi knight he was a fast learner with a craving for knowledge Blasilver had only one fear: turning to the dark side and was cautious enough to avoid it at all cost often spending hours alone meditating keeping his mind at peace in the order he was very good friends with two other fellow jedi a fellow knight named Mousha'saburai a miraluka and a chiss consular named Zen'tai'chi. Blasilver despite being a knight was a very studious student and also adventurous having once defeated a deformed rancor (granted the rancor's deformities were so severe that it wasnt going to live much longer anyway, but still an impressive feat) by the time Blasilver was 14 he had already gone through 4 teachers for various reasons ranging from their tragic deaths to surpassing what they could teach him.

By the time the story starts Blasilver is all to ready and eager to defend the galaxy, it is also where he meets his future wife Kira Carson, and through the adventures that followed Blasilver matured into a fine jedi sentinal, and with Kira had twin children (who took after the parts of their genes that were human in other words they lacked horns) their childrens name's Zeninja(who would grow up to become a jedi shadow) and Bladengo( who would fallow in his grandfather's footsteps and join the republic military although he became a commando).
Here is a chart to simplify things:
Name: Blasilver Johtoore
Age: 23
Race:human/zabrak hybrid
Planet of origin:Mandalore(birth), dantooine(officially)
Occupation: jedi sentinal
Height: 6 foot 7
Weight: 358 lbs (mostly muscle)
Eye color: green(just like his father and brother)
Hair color:black
Living relatives: Canderordo(human)(father), Jag-daguar(twilek/human hybrid)(brother), Zeninja(human 75% zabrak 25% hybrid)(elderst son), Bladengo(human 75% zabrak25%)(youngest son), Shaddowed(twilek 25% human 75% hybrid)(ONLY nephew), kira carson(human wife).
Other known living associates: Mousha'saburai(miraluka)(friend and ally), Zen'tai'chi(chiss)(friend and ally).
Likes: Speeders, family and friends, pazaak, chess, kids, rancor meat, and droids( except for c2 n2).
dislikes: criminals, slavery, hutts, c2 n2, racism, and the color pink(weird I know).
Fun facts: he has BOTH mandalorian and echani training to go with his jedi training, he also keeps in contact with his brother and father behind the orders back(they actually prevent each other from going to the dark side), and he is actually color blind in one eye.
JOHTORRE LEGACY Number of family members: 37.
ANIME LEGACY Number of family members: 2.
KAIJU LEGACY Number of family members: 2.