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My Jedi Knight is my main character, but everyone in the legacy is involved. Apologies for the long read

Cardeas hails from the planet Corellia as most of his family does, except for his father who is a native to Coruscant. He has two sisters, Haylee and Lanara.
His parents met during the line of duty: his mother, Cartha, was Havoc Squad, the Republic's elite; and his father, Thrask, was just an ordinary trooper. On more than one occasion they worked together, and it wasn't long before something else came out of the partnership. With a family of five, the couple debated retiring from the Republic Army and just settling down for a peaceful life, but resurgent Sith hostilities led to Cartha being recalled back into duty.
At the Battle of Alderaan, Cartha was killed.

Thrask took the news harshly and became distant from everyone around him, including his own children.
In turn, Cardeas, Haylee and Lanara were coming of age, and their resentment towards their father's attitude, the loss of their mother, and the natural rebelliousness of teenagehood all contributed to them running away from home to form a Smuggler brotherhood. Being raised on Corellia had made them very interested in ships and space travel; it was no trouble at all to pool their savings to buy their own spaceship, a XS Stock Light Freighter, and put it to good use, alongside their own personal skills. Cardeas was good with machines, and the ship always operated at peak efficiency due to it; Lanara excelled at planning and establishing routes, which ensured the (relative) safety of their activities; and Haylee, in her own words, "could charm the horns off a Krayt Dragon", which made her the natural leader and business dealer of the three.

Over the next few years, the trio of brother and sisters became rather known in certain circles, which brought more work for them. At some point after the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, they received a job to smuggle a package into Imperial territory. But this was a trap. Before they could deliver it, an Imperial Dreadnaught intercepted and captured them.
It came to their attention by an overly bragging officer that they had been fooled into bringing a bomb directly taken from a Republic ordnance warehouse into Imperial territory by a supposed Republic General, and that this act would result in the reigniting of the war.
In their cell, the brothers realized they had no time to waste if they wanted to escape with their lives and put a stop to the plan. And the only way to do so was to repossess the bomb and take it back to its rightful place.
Using the smuggler tricks they had picked up over the years, they managed to escape their cells, recover their equipment, and mostly sneak to where the bomb was stashed. Lanara split from the group, intending to shut down the ship's tractor beam.
Meanwhile, Cardeas and Haylee hurried to shove the bomb back in their spaceship under heavy Imperial fire. It was a hard battle, and the reinforcements seemed endless. But they managed to finally load it in, and attempted to recall Lanara. Much to their surprise however, Lanara said she had no way to make it back to the ship and urged them to leave.
Haylee tried to argue and go after her, but Cardeas stopped her with the rationale that they couldn't make it past all the troops. Hayle refused to listen to reason however, and it prompted Cardeas to forcibly push her into the ship.
He did this without even touching her, the first manifestation of his Force abilities. But there was no time to think about it; he raced to the cockpit and started up the engine, blasting his way out of the Dreadnaught and into hyperspace.

Haylee barely said two words to Cardeas for the remainder of their time together, which wasn't long. Soon he was approached by a Jedi Master, who invited him to train on a Jedi enclave. Haylee took his acceptance as an insult; by refusing to stay and assist on somehow bringing Lanara back, he was, in her mind, abandoning them just like their father had. After a heated argument they parted ways, and Haylee returned to her smuggler ways, now a lone flyer.

But Cardeas never forgot her, nor Lanara. His whole reason that made him accept Jedi training was so that he could be strong enough to protect them next time. So eager he was to gain this strength, he often overstepped his boundaries and got into trouble. The first real trouble was during training on Dantooine: faced with a pack of kath hounds, Cardeas attempted to take them on rather than wait until his fellow students arrived. His recklessness awarded him a vicious claw slash, permanently scarring his left face and depriving him of his left eye.

In the aftermath, his Master cautioned him that if he did not learn to control himself, there would be no place for him in the Jedi Order. Cardeas grew angry, but his Master, rather than lashing out at him for feeling that emotion, attempted to understand why was it so urgent to gain strength. Cardeas explained everything, and his Master understood. He said Cardeas would be a great Jedi one day, but urged him to be patient lest he fell to the Dark Side and endangered everything he ever held dear. More determined than ever, and wiser for the matter, training resumed.

Before his trip to Tython to complete his training, Cardeas received an anonymous gift: Republic Army-certified cybernetic augmentations to replace his lost eye. In truth, they had been sent by his father, who was aware of what had happened and wanted to assist his children in any way he could, albeit without showing himself; it was his belief that, were they to meet, they'd only argue with each other.

It was during Tython that Cardeas began to question some of the Jedi teachings, and afterwards the doubts expanded. Most things he could understand, such as anger and hatred being bad, but he couldn't comprehend how love was a bad thing, how was it a bad thing to take resources from crime rings and use it for good(perhaps attesting to his ability to improvise with what was available from his smuggler days), or even how sparing a race of flesh-eating monsters could ever be a good thing.


Regardless, having earned a break from the fighting, Cardeas takes the opportunity to marry Kira (in secret of course), who was now a Jedi Knight in her own right.

During a mission to assist the Republic against a new threat on the planet Belsavis, Cardeas managed to acquire himself a new ally: an assassin droid known as HK-51, with a disposition that matches its function. It remains to be seen how this seemingly explosive new element will behave while aboard his ship.

With the galaxy in a state of relative peace, he attempts to get back in contact with his sister Haylee, to resume the search for Lanara once more. But little did they know that Lanara, after her capture and subsequent repurposing as a slave, had also been found to be Force-Sensitive, and that Korriban had destroyed her from within. That now, as Darth Lithi, she was nothing like the kind and selfless Lanara they once knew.
Now that the Emperor was assumed dead, Darth Lithi saw the chance for her ultimate ascendance.

For those of you who want a chart:
Name: Cardeas Harrigan
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Planet of Origin: Corellia
Occupation before Jedi Knight: Ship mechanic / smuggler
Ship Name and Reason: Starlight Home, named so by Kira after his proposal words.
Reason of naming: no particular reason.
Romance: Kira
Relationships: Friends with T7, who serves the role of a surrogate Master due to his time spent with various Jedi Masters; Friends with Doc, whom he likes to drink with; enjoys debating issues not usually brought up by the Jedi with Scourge, whom he thinks of as a friend, although he doubts the feeling is mutual; doesn't really know much about Rusk; Not yet sure what to think about HK-51.
Physical Attributes
Hair color- Blond
Hair length- Short
Eye color- Light green
Body type- Average
Height- 1,83m
Weight- 75kg
Blemishes- three scars on left face courtesy of a kath hound slash; missing eye replaced with cybernetic eye and ocular support.
Tone of voice- Calm and collected, but hotblooded and determined when the situation calls for it

1. Kira and family
2. Helping others
3. Talking with Scourge / asking questions / Learning more about the Force
4. Tinkering with machines
5. Making fun of Sith Lords psycopaths (a trait he shares with Kira)

1. Sith and their treacherous nature
2. Being bound by restrictions
3. Rakghouls, Sand People, and pretty much every species who only seeks to indulge in bloodbaths
4. When laws try to prevent him from helping people in need / Holocrons who act holier-than-thou and insist that flesh-eating monsters can learn to behave
5. Self-sacrifice (in his mind, everyone must always return home, or it's a defeat)

1. His talks with Scourge, knowledge of Revan's tale and his own disregard for restrictions contributed to learning a few of the darker arts. As such, he can use Force Choke and Lightning Storm, but using these powers while maintaining a serene mind taxes him greatly.
2. Kira does not approve of him learning such things. Yet she says that she has the Force Bond on her side, and that, should she ever feel him falling to the Dark Side, she'll be there to catch him.
3. He once masqueraded as a thief and attempted to steal his own ship's hyperdrive while Kira was the only one on board. A brief tussle ensued, during which he stated that Kira had found her Padawan. They laughed about it afterwards.
4. He doesn't have the courage to tell Doc that they don't actually have any fan club.
5. Despite being a Jedi, he still uses his old Smuggler getup. In his words "Hoods are so out of fashion."
6. He is friends with a Sith Lord who follows the Light Side. They often coordinate events to assist likeminded Acolytes (screened by Jaesa) escape Korriban and reach the Jedi Academy.