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Actually, it's not. As it was explained to me
aye i can understand if its not allowed since everyone did it this way, the problem is (i also played gunnery and lightning) and i dont have as much wiggle room as lethal sniper to deal with the lag, as i have with those or the 2 other sniper specs. and i simply barely ever lag in operations. and i continually lagg at the ops dummy. especially with the f2p going on now. so how is that supposed to be a fair representation of someone's dps ?

anyway, not able to get a decent parse off on fleet dummy since f2p. so i did it in my ship, do with it what you will.

edit2: anyone else had some problems with dps/energy regen last night ? ran out in ec nim after a short time which i shouldnt, and dps seemed to be lower then it is now, and was the day before.
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