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Aurbere, you need to stop posting about Revan. You simply can't talk about him without letting your obvious bias against his character show.

I have no problem with the idea that he hasn't mastered both sides of the force or that he doesn't use them both simultaneously. These are, quite frankly, semantic issues. I don't mind you favoring Mace Windu in a duel. I think that is certainly a logical opinion, though you took it a bit far with the hyperbole about Revan crying. But when you say he isn't a master tactician, you do so in direct conflict with what we see and hear in the games and the novels.

Canderous doesn't just say that Revan is a master tactician, he essentially credits him for single-handedly winning the war with his tactics and by besting Mandalore himself in the final battle. "Character statements aren't canon," is a cop-out. Yes, this is an opinion statement. But we have no reason not to believe that Canderous' opinion isn't valid. In fact, given that he is praising an enemy, we have every reason to believe what he says. Kreia's statements similarly portray Revan as a tactical genius as do the statements of other characters. His leadership turned around the war. Discounting that achievement by saying he used the Madalorians' tactics against them is similarly ludicrous. You make it sound as if he stole some sort of secret Madalorian playbook. All he did was make smart tactical decisions, sacrificing planets when necessary for the greater war effort. These aren't Mandalorian tactics so much as they are generally sound military planning. By any measure, Revan is a master tactician.

As for his other abilities, we know he bested Mandalore and Malak in duels. Malak was leading an entire army of Sith at the time, none of whom could best him. We are told Revan was one of the finest duelists of his era. We know he had a considerable connection to the force that not only allowed him to defeat opponents but also to redeem many of them. He redeemed Ajunta Paul's ghost, among other things. These are not the achievements of a better than average Jedi.

No, Revan is not some end-all force God like Luke Skywalker. But he is the leading Jedi of his era. He is clearly a powerful Jedi with unique and strong ability in the Force. Trying to constantly downplay him as you do comes across like you have some sort of axe to grind. You need to take a few deep breaths.