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Hi everyone.

I know you've all gotten bored with the empty shell of a guild since Khal-Drogo quit. I have taken over, and made some changes. First of all, you'll notice that you cannot make any withdrawls from the guild bank. This is to ensure that there is no sabotage during the guild's transition period. Of course, if you wish to contribute to the guild's successful future, you are able to make deposits. However, this is not required.

Basically, the finished product will be something like this:

-Guild Bank
-New recruits and members who have not logged on in the past 10 days will have NO access to the guild bank.
-Any item withdrawn from the bank must be immediately followed by a deposit of something of equal or greater value. For example, green crafting materials must be replaced with either another green crafting material of the same grade, or a deposit of an appropriate amount of credits determined by the average value on the GTN X1.3.
-Any credits borrowed must be replaced as soon as possible with a penalty of 50 credits per week for every 100 credits taken out.
-Failure to follow these guidelines will result in instant demotion. Repeat offenders will be kicked out and ignored.

-RP/PVP/PVE Events
-There will be several different RP events, TBD
-In addition to FPs,WZs, and Ops, there will be some events that may fall under one of these categories: Planetary Raid, Treasure Hunt, Bounty Hunt, Relay Race, Guild War, and Inter-guild war.
-A planetary raid is when a bunch of players, being a given minimum level, will separate into groups of 4 and sack every enemy NPC on the planet for fun and profit. This will include enemy NPCs at the opposing faction's base camps, so be sure to stick together!
-In a treasure hunt, a moderator will give you an item to look for. There are no rules as to acquiring it, but keep in mind that you would not want to spend more credits on it than you win. The winner is required to give the item to the moderator, after which he will receive a predetermined prize.
-A bounty hunt will involve a moderator offering a limited time prize on a character's head. It could be an NPC, such as a world boss, or another player, as long as you can offer proof of job completion. A combat log is recommended.
-In a relay race, a moderator will set up a bunch of daily missions for you to complete, which may involve one of the level 50 daily missions, or a lower level heroic or FP. In any case, the catch in a relay race is that you will be required to complete several of them, each on different planets, or even in space. To win, you must prove that you have completed them by showing the nth word of the NPC mission giver upon your return. For example, a moderator might ask you to repeat the 10th word the NPC says upon your successful return to him. This is not completely worked out yet, but I will find some way to make it work.
-Those who participate in a guild war will go to a predetermined planet and PVP anyone in the guild. Winner will be decided by a moderator.
-And finally, an inter-guild war will be similar to a guild war, but will be different in that each guild will form an ops group and fight each other. Winning team will be decided by an agreement by guild leaders.

-Other Rules
-To get promoted, you must display honorable qualities such as participating in guild events, contributing to the guild bank, helping other guild members out with whatever they may need (to a reasonable extent), and regular login.
-Policy toward new players and F2P: be nice. No one likes a hater. Show patience for those who are new to the game and MMOs in general. Perhaps direct them to a link that helps explain the basic etiquette when playing MMOs if you are unable to explain the rules, or to a site that explains in more detail a topic that they have difficulty with if they are having too much trouble. People are people whether they are guildies, rival guild members, subs, f2p, etc.
-If you find that people are being rude, it is recommended that you just ignore them. You can do this by right clicking on their name in the chat area and choosing the ignore option. Be careful though; if you do this too much, no one will be able to talk to you. Above all, dont give up; eventually someone out there will be able to help you.
-Anyone who tries to vandalize or otherwise deface the upcoming guild website will be kicked out and ignored.
-Anyone who tries to sabotage a guild event will be kicked out and ignored.
-Anyone who spams this forum will be reported.
-Anyone who doesn't like my leadership is free to leave at any time.

That's all for now. Be sure to check out our thread at, as well as our upcoming website (link soon). Come back to playing your guild character very soon to take part in these exciting events coming to Blood of my Blood!!!
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