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oh you probably misunderstood my purpose of the vids too, it all started when someone in the pvp forums went that , there was no viable spec for mercs, and i went challenge accepted and speced pyro, it was a masochistic move on my part, the first vid got some attention and people kept asking me to make more so i did xD and for this one since i thought it was filmed in dalborra i thought id share it with you guys ^^, im not by any means putting any player down.
The video is all just for fun!
Its good that you have done this, there are many out there that doubt merc all together in PVP, i dont really care what anyone says about my class, its got nothing to do with them, i enjoy playing my Arsenal Merc and i will keep playing it.

I tried making a vid but Fraps really slows down my hunk of junk PC in PVP.
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