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Hey, I was gonna ask this in PvP forums but I doubt I would get any good advice there as it is just a massive QQ thread.

I am running a Hybrid Healer (bubble spec) and even though I am anticipating a nerf to the bubble (either making it give 600 resolve or going back to a mezz) I am looking to keep it as it is still a good escape tool.

However, the four piece for PvP Force Mystic is rubbish, even for a full Seer post 1.2. I would much rather have the 2 PvP (lower lockout on bubble) and 2 PvE (lower cd on healing trance).

Currently I am using Campaign Armourings to achieve this. I have seen less than 1% decrease in PvP bonus healing but more than 5% increase in (Force) bonus healing as well as a marginal crit increase via the gained WP. I have overlooked the decrease in PvP damage reduction sadly.

Does anyone have any numbers as to whether using a BM armouring in Columi/Rakata shell would be better?

All I know is:
BM - 31 end, 33 wp, 50 exp
WH - 34 end, 36 wp, 50 exp
Campaign - 49 end, 68 wp

As such I would have the same expertise and only lose total of 6 end and 6 wp. At the moment I have lost 100 exp and gained 64 wp and 30 end. From the numbers mentioned above that seems as a fair trade off but any advice and maths (which I suck at) would be of massive help and appreciated.
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