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11.19.2012 , 04:33 PM | #108
My husband is having the same issue.

Some months back he cancelled his subscription. Two days ago he decided to resub. After he paid for it and the funds had been drawn from our bank account, he went to try and log in to the game and was given the error message "No active subscriptions for this account", even though he had already gotten the "YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOW ACTIVE" email and the website shows him as being an active subscriber.

After two in game tickets, two emails, two phone calls totaling over three hours wait time, the only response we've been given is "Check the self troubleshooting and FAQ". This is clearly not an issue on our end. It is something that must be fixed from SWTOR's end.

As of now, they've taken our money, denied us the service we've paid for and avoided any and all of our attempts to find a resolution to the issue.

This is absolutely and utterly beyond unacceptable.

For reference is ticket #6847983