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You may want to discuss this with your guild sorcs tbh. Many of them were in fact running around with bubble burst spec last night. Maybe the issue was never about the morals of playing the spec, maybe people didn't understand how to play the spec or spec it? (no offense to people who just changed, some of you are super nice, just making a point)
I dont think anyone will take offense to this

Honestly i think the reason 1-2 people from our guild have changed now, isn't because they didn't understand the build/playstyle before hand, I think it more stems from the fact that they feel if they dont run this build now, they are letting the rest of the team down.

At least one of the people i've spoken to that has changed really doesn't enjoy this build, but he/she feels that he/she has to run it. Which is unfortunate. Something about SWTOR that i've always liked has been the diversity and playability of most of the different builds for all classes/characters.
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