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11.19.2012 , 04:26 PM | #7
this game is not designed around easy gathering of monies. It's actually quite polarized...up to lvl 50 you don't get allot of income by just playing, but once you hit 50 it's as easy as pie getting creds.

prior to 50Best approach is to simply grab 3 gathering crafts and sell everything. best are probably salvaging, Archeology, and then either slicing or biochem. I prefer slicing as you slice boxes in the wild for creds, as well as sending your comps out on missions. the missions have a chance to return bonus missions that you can sell on the AH for a decent penny or two.

then when you get to level cap if you want to craft you already have the common farming skills leveled, just pick a craft and keep the appropriate farmign skill for the craft. drop the other and your golden.

And last but not least, the old saying is very valid here: to have more money spend less. simple as that. if you buying brand new sets of gear off the GMT every 2 levels your going to be broke. learn how to be smart about purchases, use your plantary comms wisely, and you should be fine.

Last but not least, a new possible approach (if your willing, just putting it up here for the masses), is to buy something that is sellable off the Cartel market, and put it up in the GMT. most the pricier items can sell for a decent amount. And if your the gambling type, buy the gift boxes and hope you get an ultra rare item. just one can pretty much set you up for the entire haul from 1-50. Good luck on that tho...