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11.19.2012 , 04:24 PM | #1
I know there are other threads, but I have had a different issues, at least slightly. I have been a subscriber for months now, no lapse, played earlier today with no issues, and I was billed for another month just a couple of days ago. I just now logged in and I am F2P option. Quickbars gone, credits to 200k, etc.

After waiting a bit, I logged back in - credits back, quickbar back but RESET so I have to set everything up again, but now my Collector's Edition items (speeder, flare gun, etc.) are GONE.

Anyone else having that specific issue? I've had zero issues since it went F2P up until right now. And 45 minutes ago, I was playing with no issues. Less than an hour later, and I want to give up. Sigh.