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But..... this is correct also. I really wanted to love this game but as things stand now, there's just a big chunk missing. The prospect of LGBT content or SGRA was essential for me getting into the game, since I'm not even a huge Star Wars fan but a big fan of Bioware's storytelling.

No SGRs, no game for me, sorry Bioware.
At this point, for me it is no longer about the absent content but all about how discussion of this content was handled on the part of BioWare. In handling this controversial subject particularly, to take a stance of silence and invisibility is not just poorly considered, but farcically insensitive.

Bringing out the content yesterday won't change that. Talking to us might. Honestly, I'm not sure myself what a satisfactory resolution would be at this point. But the status quo for the past what is it now, ten months? is not remotely satisfactory. And it's pushing me away from the game.