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11.19.2012 , 03:26 PM | #104
Everyone please forgive me: my English is not very good.
Two days ago I decided to revive old, waving a lightsaber, so wander the expanses of Tatooine and all that.

To do this, decided to pay for a subscription for 30 days (I'm not greedy same). Yes, and I want to support the game as I can, it is not bad.

I pay the money quickly withdrawn from the card, the monthly plan off the status of "subscribed". But that's just the game does not start.

I wrote the game client, that I do not have an active subscription. Support two days of silence, and then gave a reference to a stupid user manual. Is this normal? And I see that this problem does not have one.

Very sad about this. Begin to understand why at the time threw his lightsaber ...
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