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Enough with the insults please. We're all adults here, at least in theory. Don't belittle us, I won't belittle you (you as a general term.) There is more than just a handful of people that want this content. I can send you the links from the incarnations of this thread going back to January and there is certainly more than 300 people.

I love how this always seems to be their argument... "but there are so few of YOU, and WE are the silent majority......."


I do think DarkTrooperV is a good example of how straight peeps enjoy playing the homosexual storylines. I'm a straight female and like playing them. I've come to love Bioware because they found a way of implementing them so seamlessly, aside from the overall gorgeousness of their games.

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That's not a lot to want clarified. It is in fact pitifully little. Fed up with asking. I don't like this game anymore, and it is how this issue is being disregarded that has soured me on all of the rest.
But..... this is correct also. I really wanted to love this game but as things stand now, there's just a big chunk missing. The prospect of LGBT content or SGRA was essential for me getting into the game, since I'm not even a huge Star Wars fan but a big fan of Bioware's storytelling.

No SGRs, no game for me, sorry Bioware.

In that case I'll rather wait for Dragon Age III or whatever comes next in the Mass Effect franchise, my fave game ever.

But I guess, should you drop SGRs for this one, there will always remain a slight regret of you not making it happen despite telling us you would.