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11.19.2012 , 02:46 PM | #138
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My guild has been using Mox parser since 1.2s release, but when I was raiding on the 1.4 pts with Methodical they happened to use SWMoniTOR and I love that fact that it has a real-time threat meter!

My 16 man guild has been having trouble with it however (not everyone showing up on the meter, people randomly dcing from the parser's group, etc.) If I could get some help with this that would be awesome. This parser can be a very useful tool, I'd imagine.
I liked SWMoniTOR at first, the devs for that tool have stopped working on it. Last time it was updated was May, and there was a number of show-stopping bugs my raid group ran into.

MOX on the other hand still gets updated, so we switched back to using it instead. Threat meters are planned to be added at some point, which would be great.