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11.19.2012 , 02:45 PM | #36
#1 sign that you are bad: you are more useful to the group dead than alive.

The case that established this level of bad was a tank on SM Kephess the Undying, who managed to run through the raid, the middle of the raid, with the lightning debuff every single time. Not just once, but every time. And if he was chosen for Kephess's cone attack, he'd manage to share the damage across as wide a swath as possible. It was easier to heal the group when he was dead because he was no longer getting the DPS hurt.

Other examples include the assassin DPS who kept knocking the mobs out of the range of the orbital strike that a sniper had put down. Punting mobs out of a hard-hitting AoE with a weak knockback gets people killed.