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Since the Top Issues sticky in this forum hasn't been updated yet for free-to-play, in the interests of helping people find threads on current issues (and maybe hopefully making it easier for CS to reply in one place to each issue by getting folks to specific threads), here's a couple of tips/links as a short off-the-cuff compilation as an interim menu.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of issues or anything, just a quick 'menu' of the most common ones that keep popping up with eleventy-six duplicate threads per day. If the forum develops a current 'top issues' sticky, I suspect this thread will quickly wither and die off. (Or maybe that will happen anyway, whether or not there's an updated issues sticky.) Until then, if new stuff pops up, I'll try to update this.

  • If you are getting an error while trying to patch, make sure you're not using Google DNS or OpenDNS, check if you've manually added an entry for to your Windows hosts file (and remove it if you have), flush your DNS cache (open cmd.exe and type 'ipconfig /flushdns') and then try again. You may also want to check BioWare's Launcher Troubleshooting Guide if you haven't already. If you really can't get the patcher working and you have a friend who is playing SWTOR successfully, just copy their SWTOR installation directory over yours; that will be the quickest way back online. Because, alas, trying to troubleshoot the launcher is way, way, WAY beyond the scope of a single bullet-point in a summary post. (Anyone who remembers my posts from the launch era will understand why I say this in a wry tone.)
  • If you are receiving a 3001 'not permitted to connect to servers' error on login after the 1.5 patch, some folks seem to have been bitten by an account bug. In this thread, BioWare folks have been fixing individual occurrences of that as people report them; if you're getting a 3001 error, you might want to pop into that thread.
  • If you're a free-to-play player who gets a 'no active subscription' message when trying to log in, this has affected some people. According to BioWare in this thread, you're not alone, and you may need to contact them to get things fixed up. However, if the account doesn't have any characters on it that you care about (or any at all), creating a second new F2P account usually works for people who just wanted to start a little level 1 and get in-game.
  • Additionally, some folks who bought subscriptions found they get a 'no active subscription' error after subscribing, and can no longer log in. CS has acknowledged this as a problem, and they've been trying to fix things on a per-user basis as quickly as they can in this thread.
  • Some folks who hadn't been playing for a while have discovered their security key no longer works because they'd gotten a new phone in the meantime. (This included me. SO FUN.) Unfortunately, that means you have to remove the security key from your account and re-add it on the new phone. In order to remove the key, you'll have to call SWTOR phone support, which may entail a bit of a wait.

  • Some folks have been unable to create characters. If you are free-to-play you get two characters across the account, meaning across all servers. This evidently applies to Preferred status too. You can keep your existing characters—they won't be deleted—but you have to pick two of them to be active.
  • Unfortunately, some folks were unable to create characters anyway. This seems to have been an issue where deletions of characters were not being registered, so you could delete every single character and still not be able to make a new one. BioWare reps in this thread on the issue say the issue should be fixed for most folks. If you still have this particular problem, you may want to chime in over there and get them the needed info.
  • My character says I have to pick a new name! If you hadn't logged in since before the server merge, this may be legitimate; someone on your destination server might have already had the name. A few people in other threads have said they got erroneously flagged for a rename more recently, but were able to pick the same name they already had; that might be worth trying. There doesn't, unfortunately, seem to be one dominant thread for this issue for me to link to.

  • No one who should receive the Hero's Banner is receiving that item on existing characters, though the Banner is properly granted to new characters. In the main thread on this topic, BioWare's said this is a known issue and they're looking into things. (According to that thread, some people are also missing the Party Jawa.)
  • Some folks have had trouble buying Cartel coins, where any attempt to buy the coins tosses an error in the browser. The most active thread for this seems to be here, if this issue applies to you.
  • Speeder license purchases from the Cartel Market erroneously say they are account-wide, when they're only per-character. This is shown in the current system alerts; there's no one dominant thread on this topic, just a lot with only 2 or 3 replies, but it seems like the best way to get a refund on this is probably to submit an in-game ticket.
  • Certain HK-51 models seem to be droid-nudists, as they arrive without any gear. But there's an app... I mean, a thread for that, which you might want to keep an eye on.
  • Evidently, one server—the Bastion—crashed the other night, and there seem to have been rollbacks for many players as a result. According to that thread, the BioWare folks are looking into things, but based on some of the smaller threads you may need to submit a ticket if you lost Cartel Market purchases (i.e., real actual money) and such.


Yeaaaaaah, um. The phone tech support situation is, let's say, 'not ideal' at the moment. The influx of free-to-play players seems to have completely overloaded the phone support staff. So, unfortunately, you can probably expect to be stuck on hold listening to a tinny version of the Star Wars theme for quite a while.

Now, as noted in SWTOR's phone help entry in the support knowledge base, you can use VoIP like Skype, Viber or the Google Voice version integrated into the Gmail web interface; then you at least aren't spending your mobile minutes to make the call, or paying international calling rates.

Additionally, if you're in the US, you may want to try using a third-party virtual queuing service; basically, a bot that waits on hold for you, and when the other person picks up the bot dials you back. (I swear there's a way to do this with Google Voice as well, but I cannot for the life of me find the support doc. If anyone else does, post that here and I'll update this?)

Don't know if any of this helps, but hopefully that can help folks get where they need to go quickly. Worst case, at least this may funnel people to a handful of threads to make it easier for the yellow names to address stuff without drowning in 1.5 forum churn, at least until they can get their heads above the water long enough to write a new sticky. (Drowning is bad!)
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