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Really? That seems so odd since the new power relic has 47 power and 350 on use for 30 seconds every 2 min. Thats 1/4 the time or. 25, equalling out to 87.5 power per second plus the 47 passive power, making that 134.5 power per second ub augmented compared to the war heros 113 unaugmented. Since augmenting them both would keep the ratio the same, that margin never changes. Expertise has no benifits for pve. Factoring in LugunaD example on scaling effects with adrenals and inspiration, these relics should easily out shine war heros for pve. Even the math breakdown on the proc relics show they where only marginally behind the war heros. Giving them the highier proc damage and now passive power, for pve where uptime and buff stacking is taken into effect, I can't see for the life of me why these aren't better for pve ops then the war heros.....
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