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Quote: Originally Posted by TheronFett View Post
Top 3 least viable PvP specs:

1) Arsenal Mercenary
2) Lethality Operative/Sniper
3) Annihilation Marauder

The reason is very simple, and everyone already knows the answer. Sustained damage, and especially DoT damage, are inferior to front-loaded burst damage. Annihilation is perfectly fine for the Marauder who likes to PUG and needs additional survivability or for anyone just running normal PvP. RWZ are all about focus fire and burning through targets quickly. The burst of Rage or Carnage are much more desirable, and Carnage also has roots and improved Predation that are more of a benefit to the team than small group heals.

Annihilation is fine as-is. It performs very well in all aspects of the game, except RWZ, and there's no need to tweak it.

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