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11.19.2012 , 02:16 PM | #17
There have been many lively debates on the subject of Alacrity.

Some extremely vocal people have presented immovable opinions about healing with 0% alacrity being the best and only way to go. I had dabbled in low alacrity builds and didn't like it as much, as the math seemed to indicate that a moderate amount of alacrity was of benefit.

A while back, inspired by another player who did something similar, I decided to swap out all of my power/alacrity with crit/surge and power/surge to see if I could be a better healer without alacrity. Since I have 3 level 50 toons that use willpower gear, I figured I was willing to spend the BH comms as I could shlep the mods and enhancements around later on if I ended up not liking the results. (Disclaimer: I wasn't willing to buy another Earpiece, so I still had 57 alactiy, which is a +2% cast time.)

I usually heal HM EC with either another Sage healer or a Scoundrel healer. We use MOX and depending on the fight I can hold my own against the other two. After my Alacrity drop, there was a reduction in my healing (about 100-200 hps). I kept this gear for 1 8M SM EC run and 2 8M HM EC runs.

It is important to note that we were STILL able to handle the content. The low alacrity build worked. But I was dragging a bit according to the parse.

I swapped my gear back (running at 285 alacrity, which translates into +9% cast time) and next week's run had my parse back up to where it was before.

I've kept this build for my HM TfB runs, and it's been 100% fine. I haven't yet done NM EC, but I imagine that will ALSO be a valid build.

1. A 0% Alacrity build will let you successfully heal a raid.
2. A moderate (e.g. 9%) Alacrity build will let you heal a raid BETTER.