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he has been buggy lately. enrage comes too fast and he wont reset if the party wipes.

we went in the other day, I was healing and we killed his adds, then went through the fight and as soon as he got up the stairs he enraged and started throwing out 20k hits.

wiped the party, we thought ok we were just slow no big go back in and pick it up a bit. when we respawned he was still active and on the same timer.

rushed us and wiped us again then took himself back to the top still enraged.

we spawned again and his adds came back, we killed them and then went up top and finally killed him off while he was still enraged.

it was humorous
Yes exactly. Enraged before we got up the stairs. I know our DPS was a bit on the low side. But we had zero issues with other champs. We had (guild mates) two sages and one gunslinger. I was tank (Vanguard) with full Columi armor and Rakata implants. 23000 HP+ I would get taken out with one hit. then the rest of the group the same way. Head shot through crates etc.

I think Killran is hacking.

i want to add, I queued random and got the same HM FP. As tank with actually lower geared party members. We got through it fine. So it is random. It is like you say, if you wipe the first time. The enrage timer is off and too soon.